United Way Extends Local Campaign

FORT MCMURRAY, AB – The United Way Fort McMurray and Wood Buffalo announced a new total and a projection.

Citing growth in the Red Menu, successful fundraising events, and a high level of engagement at workplaces throughout the region, Ken Sandmoen, Community Campaign Chair, announced that the campaign had reached 60-percent of the campaign goal.  He also looked ahead to the end of the year and where the current trends are expected to take the campaign.

“Based on everything that we know, we are projecting that the community campaign will end up raising approximately $4.0 million and will likely fall short of our need goal by $1 million,” said Sandmoen.

At the same time, the community needs continues to grow.  “We have more agencies requesting more funding this year than we were able to support last year,” said Andrea Hine, Chair of the Community Investment Committee.  In that context, the gap is even larger.”

We aggressively continue to explore alternative sources of funding.  We are hopeful in our discussions to date.  Unfortunately, we cannot make any announcements at this time.

The local United Way campaign is unique in Canada.  The level of generosity shown in this community is unlike any other in the country.

“To each and every person, organization and company who has donated so far: Thank you,” said Sandmoen.  “You exemplify the giving spirit of the people of Wood Buffalo.”

In an effort to get closer to meeting the Community Goal, the United Way has taken the historic step of extending the campaign drive to year end.

“We are asking people and companies to assist us at this difficult time.” said Sandmoen.

Citizens and companies who have not given to the United Way Community Campaign are encouraged to give.  Citizens and companies who have given are asked to share on social media why they give.

“If everyone can find a way to give a little, it would add up to a whole lot,” said Sandmoen.  “With your help today, everyone in Wood Buffalo will have the opportunity to be successful. Your support will make the difference to solve the needs of people in our community.”

Donations can be made a number of different ways including through the United Way website and at The Redpoll Centre at Shell Place.



United Way Fort McMurray and Wood Buffalo believes in improving lives in our community. Our goal is to create a healthy and strong community where social issues are solved.


For more information or to coordinate interviews, please contact:
Jo-Anne Packham, Director of Community Impact and Development
United Way Fort McMurray and Wood Buffalo
p. 780-791-0077 ext. 3017


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