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It’s almost Convergence time

A number of years ago, a group of energetic and visionary leaders in the social profit sector came together with the idea of creating a new conference – a confluence of leaders from the sector, community, government, business and industry. Dubbed ConvergenceYMM, the inaugural event was bright (the colour green…

Campaign closes at record level

The books have closed on the 2014 Community Campaign and the final total has blown the top off the thermometer. “We are delighted to announce that $8.18 million was raised by the region in this year’s fundraising effort,” said Andy Carter, 2014 Community Campaign Chair. “Over-shooting our target by almost…

Faith, hope and love

I had heard that the Salvation Army was sprucing up the basement space where the Mat Program resides when we went on a Seeing Is Believing tour in the summer. Kate Penney, the shelter manager, shared with us that after Floyd finished the painting of the room, they would be…

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