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Jersey auction is on

Ian Seggie has a knack for making unexpected celebrity connections. Spend any time with him and you’ll hear amazing stories of how his former broadcasting career and interest in popular culture have led to close encounters with stars ranging from Carrie Fisher, Robin Williams and Michael J. Fox. Like the…

Image of HOME

Throughout the 2016 Community Campaign, we used a stunning image of Fort McMurray as our backdrop to drive of meeting community need.  The artist behind the image is Graham Whatmough.  His gift in capturing the beauty of the community, even after the fire, is truly remarkable.  We thought you might…

Retirement reflections from Diane

Someone recently sat across my desk and said “Diane – you should write a book”, a book sharing the amazing journey the community benefit sector has been travelling over the last few years… As I plan my retirement, I have a lot of plans which involve beaches, grandbabies, and some…

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