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Caring for seniors

Being able to host the IMPACT radio program every week, gives me a unique opportunity to get to learn about people in our community making a profound difference through their work and volunteerism in the social profit sector. As a fellow tenant at The Redpoll Centre, I get to see…

Breaking cycles and helping families

One of the advantages of getting to host a weekly radio show like IMPACT is that I get to learn a lot about the leaders, volunteers and front-line life changers in our social profit sector. On February 14th, I spent a half-hour with Jo-Anne Packham, Executive Director of the Wood…

SPCA: going above and beyond for pets

For the staff of the Fort McMurray SPCA, their wildfire story began 48 hours ahead of most of the rest of the community.  They actually evacuated on Sunday, May 1st, as the Gregoire area was under an evacuation order.   “We spent hours on the phone finding foster placements for…

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