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Seeing is Believing tour shows impact

Seeing is Believing tours are a great way to see first-hand where United Way donations are being invested in the community. The tours are generally made up of visits to three United Way member agencies, where participants get a behind-the-scenes look at the daily activities and challenges that the agencies…

Meet the Campaign Chair

Steve Yatauro is the Chair of the 2017 United Way Community Campaign. He has been spending a lot of hours preparing the the Herculean fundraising effort by attending planning meetings, going on Seeing is Believing tours, and doing Days of Caring. Steve has a lot of passion for the work…

Feeling is knowing

“Seeing is believing, but feeling is knowing,” said Cayley Tkach, during his acceptance remarks at the recent Community Building Awards. Cayley was the co-chair of the Shell Albian Sands campaign with Cathy Steeves for the 2015 and 2016 community campaigns and they won the 2016 Groundbreaker Award. Cathy talked a…

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