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Connecting with clients

On a recent episode of the IMPACT radio show we featured Amanda Oake and Cynthia Spears from Blue Heron Support Services Association and the Alberta Brain Injury Network. These front-line life changers have an indelible connection to their clients that was clearly demonstrated during the fire and evacuation of 2016…

Leading social recovery

One of the young leaders stepping up to be a champion of recovery in our community is Chantal Beaver. In addition to being Executive Director of The Hub Family Resource Centre and sitting on a number of boards, she is also Chair of the Social Recovery Task Force and the…

Fire Recovery Fund Update

The United Way of Fort McMurray has released an update on their Fire Recovery Fund one year after the evacuation of the community. The document, available for download by clicking here, reports back to donors on how the nearly $4.5 million in donations is helping in the recovery process of…

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