New partnership announced at Inspiring Change Breakfast

Building community, one visitor at a time. The Fort McMurray Hotel Group has announced an innovative program to support the United Way Community Campaign. Jean-Marc Guillamot, Area Director, was on hand at the United Way’s annual Inspiring Change Breakfast to share the news that his group of hotels will be asking guests to voluntarily donate $5 to the Community Campaign at the time of check out between September 1 and December 31.

“We hope that our guests will see this as a chance to contribute to this community as part of their stay with us,” he said. “Taking into consideration the number of room stays expected between the beginning of September and the end of the year, and projecting 60-percent participation, we should be able to inspire a sizable contribution to this effort.”

United Way’s 2015 Community Campaign Chair Marty Giles talked about the necessity of bringing on new partners and shared his experience as a local business owner.

“It took a number of years for me to get the importance of the United Way,” he shared. “But now, getting involved in the campaign is part of the culture of North Star Ford Lincoln. Our team gets excited about giving back and being a part of such a tremendous community effort.”

The Inspiring Change Breakfast was held in the Mat Program space in the basement of The Salvation Army Community Centre.

“This is where our homeless guests sleep between September and May,” shared Kate Penney, Shelter Manager. “We do our best to make them feel welcome and valued. They become part of our extended family. Each of you is part of that family for everything you do for us through the United Way.”

“Hearing the stories was particularly powerful,” said one guest. “When you think of the vital work that The Salvation Army does along with the 25 other United Way funded agencies, it’s a no-brainer to realize that being a part of this community fundraising effort is the right thing to do.”

The United Way Community Campaign officially kicks off on September 9th with a breakfast at Shell Place.



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