Job Opportunity with Pastew Place Detox Centre

(Post on behalf of Pastew Place Detox Centre)

Pastew Place Detox Centre is currently seeking a Client Aide Worker. Under the direction of the Executive Director, the Detox Aide is responsible for all client care and the day to day operations of the Centre.

Major functions/accountabilities:

• Completes all Client Intake forms accurately and neatly in the Client’s presence.
• Provides a full orientation (which includes Centre Rules, Policies and Emergency Procedures) to all new clients.
• Obtains and records incoming client’s blood pressure readings and notes any unusual observations of client’s behavior or vital signs.
• Ensures that all prescription drugs or medication are surrendered by the clients and are locked in the designated area. Dispensing times and amounts must also be noted accurately on the client’s files.
• Searches all bags, purses, etc. brought to the Centre by clients. Seizes contraband items; direct clients to either destroy the items in your presence or to leave the Centre, if appropriate; and/or contact appropriate authorities, if necessary.
• Directs intoxicated persons upon admission to sleep for the first 2 hours.

• Monitors clients’ blood pressure once per 12 hour shift or more often when warranted.
• Provides clients with written basic addictions material which enables them to better understand their own situation and encourages them to pursue recovery. Facilitates general discussion with clients on information contained in the material and plays a video which clarifies and reinforces the subject matter.
• Provide friendly, understanding and positive support for clients.
• Encourages clients to seek long-term counseling and treatment.
• Provides a brief overview of various resources and different treatment programs available for clients.
• Assists clients in the completion of treatment centre application forms, when required.
• Provides clients with names of physicians available to complete pre-admittance medical reports, when appropriate.
• Dispenses prescription medicine when clients have prescription on their person.
• Recognize signs of withdrawal. Refer any clients in severe withdrawal to the hospital. Arrange for an ambulance to transport any client suffering a seizure or any other severe medical condition.
• Ensure that all clients are treated in a professional, non- judgmental, and dignified manner at all times.
• Conduct bed checks once per hour whenever a client is sleeping.
• Transport clients to and from AA or NA meetings, hospital or bus depot in Detox Centre vehicle.
• Ensure that clients comply with the Centre Rules.

• Complete all documentation, including AADAC summary sheet, as required.
• Encourage clients to complete Client Feedback forms.
• Ensure all belongings and medications are returned to the client at time of discharge.

• Prepare nutritious meals and snacks for clients.
• Complete log book accurately noting bed check times, telephone call, visitors, any unusual occurrences, etc.
• Assist volunteers, work experience personnel and others, as required.
• Assist in the orientation of new staff through demonstration.
• Perform all housekeeping duties at the Centre. This includes cooking, cleaning all areas, garbage removal, laundry, etc.
• Maintain total operation of the Centre on each shift. Document and notify appropriate personnel of necessary repairs.
• Restock all supplies in the office, kitchen, and bathrooms.
• Keep inventory of Centre’s supplies and advise Executive Director when items are required.
• Demonstrate a thorough understanding of all policies and procedures as outlined in the Detox Centre Policy and Procedures Manual.
• Operate the Detox Centre vehicle in a safe and courteous manner at all times.
• Ensure the Detox Centre vehicle is properly maintained, i.e. check and add sufficient gasoline, motor oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and windshield fluid. Keep mileage records.

• Attend Staff Meetings, as required.
• Clearly document any unusual behavior exhibited by a client.
• Complete entries in the Log Book noting bed check times, telephone calls, visitors, any unusual occurrences, etc.
• Ensure that others are well informed of the health and behavior of clients and the Centre’s activities at shift change.
• Create, update and file all client files.
• Answer telephones, document and relay messages as required.
• Record names of visitors and telephone callers in Log Book.
• Treat clients, fellow staff members and visitors to the Centre in a professional, courteous and non-judgmental manner at all times.
• Ensure that proper protocol is followed when dealing with other agencies and that contact with other agencies is conducted in a helpful and courteous manner.
• Document any unusual circumstances and ensure that the Executive Director is informed.
• Ensure that all information learned at the Centre is treated in a confidential manner.
• Compile month-end statistics and forward to the Executive Director.
• As required, respond to enquiries from the public, employer and the other agencies concerning the programming offered at the Centre and how they can be accessed.

• Attend and actively participate in Staff training, when provided.
• Ensure that certification for St. John Ambulance Standard First Aid and CPR is valid at all times. Advise Executive Director at least two months prior to the expiration of any certificate.
• Activate the Life Line Security System at the start of each shift. Ensure that at least one Detox Client Aide is designated to wear the Life Line equipment during the shift. Note the name of the designated worker at the beginning of each shift in the Log Book.

• Must have a Grade 12 education or equivalent
• Hold a valid Class 5 Operators Driver’s License for the province of Alberta
• Valid First Aid and CPR Certificate
• A deep understanding of alcohol and substance abuse. Knowledge of addictions and the detoxification process. Document Experience.
• Strong conflict resolution and decision making skills
• Must have strong leadership skills and a professional work ethic
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Please forward your resume in confidence to, c/o Janet Greening. The position will remain open until filled.

Author: The United Way of Fort McMurray and Wood Buffalo | 780-791-0077 ext. 3015