IMPACT with Sandy MacDonald

Our first IMPACT guest in 2018 was Sandy MacDonald, the man behind two dogs named Winky and Greb and the “Cause for Paws” fundraising effort. Winky would ride in a trailer behind Sandy’s Harley Davidson as they went on long road trips. Whenever they stopped, Winky became an instant hit, posing for pictures and giving joy to young and old. His natural connection to people inspired the “Cause for Paws” effort, a fundraising campaign for our local SPCA. A website was launched along with a Facebook page and fans and friends from communities across North America started to connect and give Winky passed away in the fall of 2016; Greb arrived on the scene several months later as a new puppy. Now over 100 pounds, Greb has picked up where Winky left off. Together Sandy, Winky and Greb (and their thousands of fans) have raised over $68,000 for the SPCA.

IMPACT is hosted by Russell Thomas and is a team effort of United Way, FuseSocial, Shaw TV Fort McMurray, and 91.1 The Bridge.

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