Celebrating IMPACT

Russell Radio Days

A long time ago, when I was much younger and had a few less grey hairs, I was in the radio broadcasting business. In fact, it was a radio job that brought me to Fort McMurray in the cold winter of 1996; I was the program director of the two heritage stations in the community, CJOK and KYX98 (now Country 93.3 and ROCK 97.9).


I’m very excited to be returning to my radio roots by hosting a new program on KAOS 91.1 called IMPACT. The first show will air on Tuesday, February 2nd at 10:30 am. A collaborative initiative of United Way and FuseSocial, IMPACT will be a weekly half-hour conversation with leaders, innovators, front line life changers and volunteers in the social profit sector.

In my various roles in the community, I’ve had the honour to meet some pretty remarkable people and hear their stories. Too often, these narratives don’t get captured or shared. IMPACT will be a weekly injection of inspiration featuring real people and real good talk.

As a blogger and professional writer, I’ve had the opportunity to capture the stories of some amazing people in the written form. IMPACT will provide a vehicle to go a little deeper and hopefully reach a wider audience. Through honest and authentic conversation, we will learn about the values, experiences and motivations that inspire people to be advocates and champions of positive change in our community through their roles in the social profit sector.

I’ll be talking with executive directors, board members, volunteers, and frontline workers. I’ll connect with innovators, programmers, practitioners, and service providers. Everyone has a story and IMPACT will share many of them.

Who do you know who has a brilliant story that may inspire others? I’d love to hear your ideas. Call me at 780-791-0077, extension 3018, or email rthomas@fmunitedway.com.


Author: Russell Thomas

​Russell is a marketing and communications professional who has spent 20 years in Wood Buffalo working with the OK Radio Group, Keyano College, Arts Council Wood Buffalo, and now with The United Way of Fort McMurray. A regular blogger, Russell's writing can be seen online (www.middleagebulge.com) and in multiple publications. His paintings can be seen in homes and businesses throughout the community. Married to Heather and "Papa" to Dylan and Ben, Russell is a passionate spokesperson for United Way.