Campaign kick-off to celebrate HOME

The official kick-off for the 2016 United Way Community Campaign has been set for Saturday, September 10th. A free community pancake breakfast will be held in the Shell Place Ballroom between 8:30 am and 10:00 am on that day.

“THIS IS HOME is our theme,” said Colin Hartigan, 2016 Community Campaign Chair. “I am honoured to be championing this year’s campaign to replenish the community fund. We have raised our family here. We have built our business here. We believe in the United Way.”

“One of the things we need to remember,” he continued, “is that life-altering events, like what happened to 90,000 of us on May 3rd, happen to people as a normal part of life. We raise money to ensure that help is there when people need it, every year.”

Sponsored by DMG Events, producers of the Oil Sands Trade Show and Conference, the Community Pancake Breakfast will feature live music by Ian McLaws and roving characters that will create a family-friendly atmosphere. The first 600 people to arrive will receive a free “Defeat the Heat” t-shirt, generously donated by Norton Rose Fulbright Canada from Calgary.

“We hope everyone will join us for this amazing party event,” said Diane Shannon, Executive Director. “We have increased our seating to 800 to accommodate lots of friends, neighbours, agency representatives, and volunteers from workplaces throughout the region.”

A totally unique campaign portrait will be attempted at 10 am on the indoor turf field at Shell Place.

“We are going to ask everyone to go for a little walk to the turf field,” said Hartigan. “We will be spelling H-O-M-E using people to create the 2016 Campaign Portrait. HOME is about people and so is the United Way. What a great way to capture and share the underlying purpose and power of the Community Campaign.”

In addition to being photographed, the spelling of H-O-M-E will be captured on film by Wood Buffalo Productions and will be turned into a video that will be released on social media the following week.

“This event is about coming together as a community,” said Shannon. “THIS IS HOME expresses so much about what we feel about our community and our neighbours. We look forward to celebrating the resilient and generous nature of Wood Buffalo. Please join us.”


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