Campaign gains momentum

With three weeks to go in the United Way community campaign, momentum is building with generosity in abundance.

“We are thrilled to announce that we will be adjusting our thermometers to the 48-percent mark,” said Diane Shannon, Executive Director.

“We are so grateful for the generosity we are witnessing, especially during these challenging times. The needs are greater than ever and that message is really resonating with people this fall.”

For the Chair of the Community Campaign, Marty Giles, the news that the campaign is trending slightly ahead of last year is more motivation to keep the foot on the gas.

“We need to keep focusing on the needs,” said Giles. “It is incredibly difficult to compare progress from year to year as workplace campaigns change their timing based on what’s happening that particular year. We are in good shape, but we have to keep the energy up until the last dollar comes in. The agencies are counting on us.”

Volunteers on workplace campaigns have done a great job sharing the United Way story and building understanding and support with colleagues.

“This team of workplace campaign chairs has done an extraordinary job of connecting with people at a deeper level about the importance of this fundraising effort,” said Cindy Walker, Director of Resource Development. “Some of our canvassing volunteers are facing significant challenges owing to the impacts of the economic situation. However, they are executing the plans of the workplace campaign chairs and are the primary drivers of our success.”

The community campaign officially comes to an end on November 13th, but donations will continue to roll in until the end of the year. Huge thermometers displayed throughout the community will be updated in the next few days thanks to assistance from the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

“Hats off to our workplace campaign chairs who have totally been awesome to work with,” said Giles. “These individuals are amazing and if you see one of them give them a fist pound, high five or hug as they are the reason we are in the position we are in.”


Author: The United Way of Fort McMurray and Wood Buffalo | 780-791-0077 ext. 3015