Campaign gains momentum

Three major workplace campaigns wrapped up this week, getting the United Way closer to its goal of being able to meet community needs. With preliminary totals in from Nexen ULC, Syncrude Canada Ltd. and Suncor Energy, the 2015 Community Campaign has almost reached $5.5 million, or 68-percent of the $8 million goal.

“Kudos has to go to the volunteers on the ground who did a stellar job at inspiring pledges,” said Marty Giles, Community Campaign Chair. “Looking at the encouraging totals at Suncor, Syncrude and Nexen, it is clear that the message of meeting community needs really penetrated.”

Syncrude was the first major workplace campaign to wrap up with an announcement about their total on October 29.

“We are pleased to announce that the combination of employee pledges, fundraising events and corporate contributions has resulted in a campaign total of $2,127,572,” said Dave Evoy, Campaign Chair, Syncrude Canada Ltd. “It was a lot of work, but it was also a lot of fun. The money raised by Syncrude employees will go a long way in helping so many get the support they need.”

Suncor revealed their campaign total at a special ceremony on Friday. They managed to collectively raise $2,269,971 in support for the United Way.

“We focussed on linking what happens in the workplace with the needs that exist in the community,” said Lancaster Lawrence. “Asking people to imagine what it would be like to need the services of a member agency really had an impact. Credit needs to go to our United Way campaign team who put so much effort into building energy and support.”

Nexen ULC also wrapped up this week, and celebrated a campaign filled with positive spirit, lots of participation, and a preliminary campaign total of $117,000.
“With weeks to go in the campaign, we can’t rest easy,” said Diane Shannon, Executive Director. “The agencies are counting on us to continue rallying support. We are so grateful to every single person and organization that has stepped up to help us meet community needs. Our reputation as being the most generous community in the world is more than intact; it is stronger than ever.”

Donations are expected to roll in until the end of year with a final campaign total to be announced early in 2016.


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