Campaign closes at record level

The books have closed on the 2014 Community Campaign and the final total has blown the top off the thermometer.

“We are delighted to announce that $8.18 million was raised by the region in this year’s fundraising effort,” said Andy Carter, 2014 Community Campaign Chair. “Over-shooting our target by almost $200,000 is particularly inspiring in light of the falling oil price that began in September. The generosity of Wood Buffalo has shone through once again.”

This is the second year in a row that the Community Campaign target was met and exceeded. In 2013, the final total was $7.886 million, eclipsing a $7.8 goal.

“It is so exciting that we are able to make this announcement,” said Diane Shannon, Executive Director. “These funds will sustain programs and organizations that are always important, but especially so as we experience a slowdown in the l ocal economy driven by lower oil prices.”

The growth in the scope of services provided by United Way funded agencies and the dollars required to support them can be clearly seen by comparing Community Campaign totals. 10 years ago, the effort raised $1.768 million. That’s an increase of over 500 percent in just a decade.

“We are in the middle of the funding allocation process,” said John Evans, Chair of the Community Investment Committee. “We are learning from the applying agencies that there is an increased need in the community for the programs and services that they provide. Hearing about this unparalleled level of giving is great news heading into a year that is looking to be very challenging for this region. Our agencies will be essential to individuals and families.”

Funding allocation recommendations will be presented to The United Way of Fort McMurray’s Board of Directors in March with the 2015 funding cycle beginning in April. The 2015 Community Campaign, Chaired by Marty Giles, will kick-off in the fall.


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