2017 Community Campaign Total Revealed

The United Way of Fort McMurray announces the 2017 Community Campaign total of $6 million.

“On behalf of the United Way Board of Directors, staff and our partner agencies, I would like to say thank-you to the community for your incredible generosity,” said Steve Yatauro, Campaign Chair.  

The Community Campaign kicked off on September 7th and ran through the end of December.  It included thousands of individuals from across the community, both as volunteers and donors.

“We have a lot to be proud of,” said Yatauro.  We had new initiatives this year that targeted a broadening community awareness of United Way- including the Red Menu Campaign and United Way Family Day.  We had workplaces who stepped up to run employee campaigns for the first time and many new donors.”

While the campaign produced a fantastic result, it did fall short of the Community Need Goal of $7.1 million, meaning there is a gap between what the Community Campaign raised and the projected need.

“There is a lot of work to do as we move forward,” said Tony Mankowski, President of the United Way Board of Directors.  “We are committed to working hard with our partner agencies to ensure maximum community impact with the available funds.”  


Author: The United Way of Fort McMurray and Wood Buffalo

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